The Social Word

“The most compelling message in the world is almost useless if the only people hearing it are people who already agree with you”. – David Westcott, Director of Digital Strategy at APCO Worldwide.

I am very active on social media, discussing all things marine-related across a number of platforms.  The posts are intended to bring marine science to the attention of the public and allow them to form their own opinions and facilitate questions, and discussion both in public and privately.  Many of my followers are scientists themselves, and alongside the comments made by the public, several lively debates have occurred.  The posts come in two flavours:

1) Blog-style posts which focus on a newly published paper, or a theme such as a particular species or an ocean process.  These substantially-sized posts are all published on G+, and shared on my Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn page.

2) Short  ‘information dissemination’ posts  which can range from highlighting a new piece of science or science/conservation issue, to PhD and funding opportunities.  These posts usually appear on G+ and/or Twitter, as well as LinkedIn and Facebook.  In addition I use for content curation on two topics: Climate Change and the Oceans and Marine Spatial Ecology.

I am also active in, and a moderator of a number of on-line communities which aim to act as channels for scientific outreach for scientists, policy makers, managers and the general public.


The Science Communicator (Overview)

The Printed Word

The Spoken Word


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