Professional Development

“If somebody offers you a great opportunity but you aren’t sure you can do it, just say yes – then learn how to do it later!”- Richard Branson, Entrepreneur


2016    Workshop Participant: Communicating Your Research. Mitacs

2016    Workshop Participant: Special Marine Areas. CPAWS

2015    Workshop Participant: International Advocacy Training Applied to EBSA Opportunities. MPA Action Agenda

2015    Conference Attendee: ESRI Oceans. ESRI

2015    Workshop Participant: MPA Partnership Summit, Marine Conservation Institute/Mission Blue/ESRI

2015    Workshop Participant: Skills of Communication. Mitacs

2015    MOOC Participant: Journalism Skills for Engaged Citizens. University of Melbourne

2015    Seminar Participant: NSERC Presentation on the Postgraduate and Postdoctoral Programs. NSERC

2015    Seminar Participant: Social Media, E-Portfolios and Networking. Memorial University of Newfoundland

2015    Seminar Participant: Canadian Resume and Cover Letters.  Memorial University of Newfoundland

2014    Conference Attendee: International Marine Conservation Congress. Society for Conservation Biology

2014    Workshop Participant: Advancing the Global Ocean Refuge System (GLORES). Marine Conservation Institute

2014    Workshop Participant: MARINElife Marine Mammal and Seabird Boat Observer. MARINElife

2014    Workshop Participant: Seasearch Underwater Surveyor.  Seasearch

2014    Conference Attendee: Inter-Island Environment Meeting (Biodiversity Conference), Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

2012    Conference Attendee: Inter-Island Environment Meeting (Biodiversity Conference).  Alderney Wildlife Trust

2009    Meeting Observer: Granville Bay Treaty Meeting on bilateral fishery management.  States of Jersey