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Storms taking a toll on Jersey’s seabirds

For north-west Europe, the winter of 2013/2014 will be remembered for its persistent and severe storms. Sustained wind speeds of over 140 km/h and gusts over 190 km/h, combined with extreme rainfall and spring high tides, the storms have caused extensive damage and some loss of human life. People have been evacuated from their homes, roads and railways damaged, agricultural land flooded. The cost of repair to private property owners, businesses, infrastructure, and coastal defences will reach into the billions. It’s not just people that have been impacted by this stormy season. Across Europe, there is evidence that some of the wildlife has also taken a beating, arguably most notably its seabirds…

This article originally appeared in Marine Scientist in May 2014.  Marine Scientist is only available in print format.


Image: Seabird ‘wreck’ in Jersey 2014.  Credit: Samantha Andrews/The Hobo Scientist


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