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QR codes for your fish dinner

So you know when you’re tucking into something tasty in a sushi bar and you turn to your friend and say “I wonder what this actually is….is it even sustainable?”….

No?  Oh….

Well if you did the information you crave might not be that hard to find, thanks to a creative piece of thinking by San Diego based restaurant Harney Sushi.  They have come up with the clever idea of attaching QR codes – those funny little squares you can scan with your mobile phone – that take you to the NOAA FishWatch website.  And once you have your information, you don’t have to worry about littering – you can quite happily eat these QR codes along with your sustainably caught fish.

Read the full story from the National Geographic

Image: Made of rice paper, edible QR codes help diners learn about the fish they eat at San Diego’s Harney Sushi. Photograph courtesy of Harney Sushi


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